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SubjectRe: Hardware supported by the kernel
Dave Jones <> writes:

>Matrox - Not exactly a speed demon any more in the 3d market. Open
> drivers though. Not sure about Parhelia.

LOL. Buying a G550 was the biggest mistake I ever did. DVI-D support
only with a binary only module and still a heavy bug in it (basically
it takes a 90 second break when starting X).

IMHO The best supported 3D gfx chip for Linux comes from nVidia. Yes,
it is binary only and people invented the "TAINTED" flag to report
this, but it is a fast, vendor-supported driver which works fine in
99% of all configurations which are one gfx board, one or two
displays. (yes, I know it has some issues with power management on
laptops). But all other vendors are worse and nvidia at least cares.

If you just want 2D on an VGA, you can basically buy anything starting
at $19.


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