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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Next round of ACPI IRQ fixes (VIA ACPI fixed)
Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> Hi, this is my next round of ACPI IRQ fixes. Attached are patches for linux-2.4.23-pre3 and linux-2.6.0-test4.
> Please CC me on any replies. I seem to be having issues with right now.
> This patch addresses the following issues:
> 1) ACPI now drops back to PIC mode if configuration in APIC mode fails.
> 2) Removed 2 lines of erroneous code in mpparse.c which causes IO-APICs to be misconfigured.
> 3) ACPI now supports PIC controllers properly.
> 4) This patch includes a patch by "Jun Nakajima" <> which fixes ACPI IRQ routing for all
> VIA motherboards I have had tested so far. I've included it in this patch as it changes one of the same files.
> 5) Now retries with an extended IRQ descriptor if programming a link device with a "standard" IRQ descriptor fails.
> This has already been tested successfully by multiple people.

Patch looks pretty good. It is _very_ difficult to pick through, and
pick apart, though.

Consider that one or more people reading your email (a) would want some
of these fixes but (b) already have some of these fixes.

This is why we _really_ need you to split up your patches. Multiple
split-up patches, one per email, is preferred. Don't worry about
sending us too much email: we like it like that.

As an aside, I know at least part of the VIA irq routing stuff still
needs fixing. For some on-board VIA southbridge devices, irq routing is
accomplished by writing the PCI_INTERRUPT_xxx values to PCI config
registers of the target device; for others, the normal pirq PCI config
registers on the southbridge are used. Alan's new irq stuff in 2.4.x
IMO should be merged into 2.6.x soonish, as Alan's work makes a big step
towards making it possible to fix some of the harder-to-fix irq routing


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