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SubjectRe: Driver Model 2 Proposal - Linux Kernel Performance v Usability
On Thu, 04 Sep 2003 22:51:38 BST, James Clark said:

> FUD. It mostly works, sometimes it doesn't, but in total the number of
> working hours of PRODUCTIVE use from it is many orders of magnitude greater.
> Multiple the number of Windows users in the world by their working time and
> then do the same for Linux!

So if 500 million people are productive 60% of the time and hosed 40% of the
time, and 5 million people are productive 95% of the time, the 60/40 model is
better because 60% of 500M is more than 95% of 5M?

What's wrong with this picture?

> hence the OS could escape the niche box it currently is in. Please ask Joe
> User how he feels about rebuilding his whole OS to add IP6 support to an
> existing stable system etc.

Ask Joe User how he feels about NOT being able to add IPv6 support to
his existing system until his vendor says they'll do it for him, and then
look at when Linux had support.

And most important, google around for +ipv6 +"craig metz", and look at when *he*
did the IPv6 work - and you were free to put the patches on your system as
soon as he posted them.

Now as you were saying?
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