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SubjectRe: bandwidth for (good news)
Henning Schmiedehausen <> writes:

>> Yes, I snipped the DoS context, and your approach would work in a
>> benign environment. 8-)
> 225kpps * 64 Bytes (minimum packet len) = 13,7 MBytes / sec
> 100 MBit / 8 bit = 12,5 MBytes / sec
> So, IMHO even with a small packet saturated 100 MBit link you won't
> reach 225kpps. AFAIK this was Ciscos intention to publish this number.
> It basically says "you will have filled your link before you fill our
> router".

Cisco sells Gigabit Ethernet linecards for this router, and the
situation is quite different in this case. And with most attacks,
it's a futile exercise to try to combat them on a Fast Ethernet link,
anyway. 8-(

> But I'm pretty sure that a C37xx would handle full 100 MBit traffic to a
> busy website without any problems. In fact, I know that it does. ;-) (We
> did switch to a C12000 shortly after, mainly because we went Gigabit).

Of course it does. After all, web traffic is somewhat different from
pure DoS traffic. 8-)
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