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SubjectRe: nasm over gas?
Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Sean Neakums wrote:
>>"Richard B. Johnson" <> writes:
>>>If you decide to use gcc as a preprocessor, you can't use comments,
>>>NotGood(tm) because the "#" and some stuff after it gets "interpreted"
>>>by cpp.
>>Although one could use C-style comments in this scenario, yes?
> Sure. Then it's not assembly. It's some polymorphic conglomeration
> of crap ......... don't get me started. If you write in assembler,
> please learn to use the assembler. Assembly is not 'C'.

Comments are not useful to the assembler, it doesn't look at it ;)
So being removed by cpp or by the assembler itself does not matter for me.

GAS support C style comment and there's an option to cpp to keep comment
if you want comment in the assembler listing.

The preprocessor is 'just a kind of filter', you can preprocess your
files through m4, sed, perl, etc ... what's the problem with that ?

> Use the right tool for the right thing. Both are tools, the fact
> that you can shovel with an axe does not make the axe a shovel.


Yann Droneaud <>
<> <>

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