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SubjectRe: Driver Model 2 Proposal - Linux Kernel Performance v Usability


You missed a key point, the kernel people do not give a damn about binary
modules and think they are evil. They do not care if a binary module
works at all. If they can break it they will. You are wasting time and
electrons, or just pee'ng in the wind.

The only solution is to created a GPL pre-loading module with all the
GPL_ONLY needed extentions re-exported or externed as to bypass the horse

What I am shocked to see is how people are being nice to you and not
blasting you with a carpet bomb attack. I guess they are waiting to line
up on me.



On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, James Clark wrote:

> Following my initial post yesterday please find attached my proposal for a
> binary 'plugin' interface:
> This is not an attempt to have a Microkernel, or any move away from GNU/OSS
> software. I believe that sometimes the ultimate goals of stability and
> portability get lost in the debate on OSS and desire to allow anyone to
> contribute. It is worth remembering that for every Kernel hacker there must
> be 1000's of plain users. I believe this proposal would lead to better
> software and more people using it.
> Proposal
> -----------
> 1. Implement binary kernel 'plugin' interface
> 2. Over time remove most existing kernel 'drivers' to use new interface - This
> is NOT a Microkernel.
> 3. Design 'plugin' interface to be extensible as possible and then rarely
> remove support from interface. Extending interface is fine but should be done
> in a considered way to avoid interface bloat. Suggest interface supports
> dependant 'plugins'
> 4. Allow 'plugins' to be bypassed at boot - perhaps a minimal 'known good'
> list
> 5. Ultimately, even FS 'plugins' could be created although IPL would be
> required to load these.
> 6. Code for Kernel, Interface and 'plugins' would still be GPL. This would not
> prevent the 'tainted' system idea.
> Expected Outcomes
> ------------------------
> 1. Make Linux easier to use
> 2. The ability to replace even very core Kernel components without a restart.
> 3. Allow faulty 'plugins' to be fixed/replaced in isolation. No other system
> impact.
> 4. 'Plugins' could create their own interfaces as load time. This would remove
> the need to pre-populate /dev.
> 5. Remove need for joe soap user to often recompile Kernel.
> 6. Remove link between specific module versions and Kernel versions.
> 7. Reduce need for major Kernel releases. Allow effort to concentrate on
> improving Kernel not maintaining ever increasing Kernel source that includes
> support for the 'Kitchen Sink'
> 8. Make core Kernel more stable. Less releases and less changes mean less
> bugs. It would be easy to identify offending 'plugin' by simply starting up
> the Kernel with it disabled.
> 9. Remove need for modules to be maintained in sync with each Kernel thus
> freeing 'module' developers to add improved features or work on new projects.
> James
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