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SubjectRe: LBA48 on PDC20265 (again and again...)


There was a recent threads on this issue:
"IDE bug - was: Re: uncorrectable ext2 errors"
and "Promise IDE patches".

One of conclusions was that there is no reason not to enable LBA48
on PDC20265. I will send Jan's patches to Linus. Thanks for verifying this.


On Wednesday 03 of September 2003 14:46, Petr Vandrovec wrote:
> Hi,
> during last year there was couple of complaints that pdc202xx_old
> driver does not allow LBA48 on first channel, and couple of confirmations
> that just removing these two lines which do:
> if (hwif->pci_dev->device == PCI_DEVICE_ID_PROMISE_20265)
> hwif->no_lba48 = (hwif->channel) ? 0 : 1;
> fixes problem, and both channels run with lba48 drives just fine...
> Yesterday I bring home two nice 160GB seagates, hooked them up to
> the Promise, and booted. And to my surprise we still do not enable
> lba48 on primary channel...
> Is there some reason for doing that? I removed this, and I was able
> to copy contents of my old 120GB disk to the 160GB one, with 40G offset
> (so lba48 has to work, otherwise first 40GB holding an VFAT partition with
> some gzipped test files gets corrupted). Currently these two drives
> are unused (they just hold backup copy of dying 120GB wd), so I can do
> any experiments you may want to confirm/decline idea that we should
> remove this no_lba48 hack. Of course unless you have datasheet which says
> that it cannot work. But as Promise BIOS happily says that two 149GB disks
> (149 * 2^30 == 160 * 10^9) running UDMA5 are attached, I assume that it
> is willing to handle LBA48 on both channels.
> Thanks,
> Petr Vandrovec

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