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    SubjectRe: Driver Model
    On Maw, 2003-09-02 at 19:43, James Clark wrote:
    > 3. Will the practice of deliberately breaking some binary only 'tainted'
    > modules prevent take up of Linux. Isn't this taking things too far?

    tainted doesn't break anything. tainted marks modules so we know they
    are unsupported and every vendor, developer and the like can throw your
    reports into the bitbucket. The binary vendor has our code we don;t have
    theirs so they can go fix it.

    As to "too far", the GPL is quite explicit and most people contributed
    code on its basis. So its very unlikely that any binary only module is
    legal in the first place. There is FSF code in the kernel, merged by
    others and the FSF certainly feel that way.

    If you want to run a binary unix system I'd recommend Mac OSx - its
    rather nice.


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