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    SubjectRe: pm: Revert swsusp to 2.6.0-test3

    > Could you also give me some clear direction on where you want me to put
    > my 2.4 port. Should it go in kernel/power, or somewhere else? (I'm
    > assuming you don't want 3 versions of swsusp?!). I'd like to put it in
    > the right place when I start populating, so you're
    > not pulling changesets later that only move the code around (I know bk
    > reduces the cost, but...).

    Please put it in kernel/power/.

    It's completely alright to have three suspend-to-disk implementations. For
    one, porting it does not imply that it will be merged into mainline, as
    is. I would like to see convergence of the competing solutions, and I
    fully intend to leverage the work that you've done and integrate it into
    the core power management code, and the pmdisk implementation.

    The power management core provides, among other things, a framework for
    properly suspending and resuming a system. Persistant state retention is
    one aspect, albeit the largest in terms of importance and sheer size. I
    would like to see backend mechanism for storing state abstracted from the
    snapshotting process.

    This means that there may be several low-level 'drivers' that each deal
    with reading/writing data on a particular format. And, it means that much
    of the overhead of swsusp, etc, can be folded into the core PM code.

    I do not have more technical details about this ATM, but I will work with
    you to make sure things are streamlined as much as possible during and
    after your port.


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