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    Subjectdiv64.h:do_div() bug
    I've found that a bug in asm-arm/div64.h:do_div() is preventing correct
    conversion of timestamps in smbfs (and probably ntfs as well) from NT to
    Unix format. I'll post a patch that fixes the bug, but I think it is also
    present in other architectures - at least SPARC, SH, and CRIS look

    If people with access to these architectures could run the following small
    test and let me know the outcome, I can fix it there too - thanks.

    #define __KERNEL__
    #include <asm/types.h> // get kernel definition of u64, u32
    #undef __KERNEL__
    #include <asm/div64.h> // get definition of do_div()
    #include <stdio.h>

    main () {
    union {
    u64 n64;
    u32 n32[2];
    } in, out;

    in.n32[0] = 1;
    in.n32[1] = 1;
    out = in;

    do_div(out.n64, 1);

    if (in.n64 != out.n64) {
    printf("FAILURE: asm/div64.h:do_div() is broken for 64-bit dividends\n");
    } else {
    printf("Congratulations: asm/div64.h:do_div() handles 64-bit dividends\n");
    return 0;
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