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    SubjectRe: Keyboard oddness.

    | > > > Couldn't it at least detect there's a problem ? Most people I know do not press a key
    | > > > 2000+ times in a row during normal activity.
    | > >
    | > > You do. Scrolling up/down in a document is one example. And there is no
    | > > point to limit the repeat to say 80 or 200 characters. You would still
    | > > hate having 80 repeated characters and then it stopping.
    | >
    | > Well then only allow monster autorepeats for arrows then.
    | > (they are never stuck in my board anyway;)

    | And j, k, w, b, ., all function keys, <bs>, <del>, <cr>,
    | <sp>, <tab> and any other key used by any editor or game for
    | navigation, level control or other function where the same
    | key would be used scores of times in in rapid sequence.

    score << 2k+

    I wrote about monster autorepeats not every single duplicated keypress.
    I fully agree it's stupid to expect detecting every single bogus repeat.

    However saying the system has no way to guess monster
    autorepeats=problem is just plain wrong. There *are* thresholds after
    which one can be 99% sure there is a problem (autorepeat gone mad or cat
    sitting on the keyboard). No one is going to complain he has to release
    a key every hundred or so repeats to confirm there's a human on the
    other side of the keyboard.


    Nicolas Mailhot
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