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SubjectRe: cdrecord burn looks fine, but upon mounting, i get nothing.
On Fri, Sep 26 2003, Jeffrey Forman wrote:
> i am having some issues burning cd's using cdrecord in 2.6.0-test5-mm4,
> and possibly could get someone to lend a hand, since i'm not sure if
> its a kernel issue or a cdrecord issue.
> i am running 2.6.0-test5-mm4, on a p4-2.8/512MB machine. i have an atapi
> plextor 48/24/48A ide cd burner.i am trying to burn various data, iso's
> etc. cdrecord seems to burn correctly (paste of output below), but upon
> trying to mount the burned cd, it shows up as 0 files on the cd. i am
> using atapi burning with the command line: cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc -v
> driveropts=burnfree speed=30 pentium4-1.4-20030911-cd1.iso. this
> pentium4.iso is a gentoo release of its install. it is a 501MB file, but
> when mounted, i see
> Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 246M 246M 0 100% /mnt/cdrom


Just to keep the list uptodate (Jeffrey wrote me off list too and I
answered that before seeing this one) - it appears to be a dma problem,
it burns correctly with pio. I'll post a resolution here once one is

Jens Axboe

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