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    SubjectRe: Minimizing the Kernel
    Well for starters dont use gcc 3 or above.. code size has increased 
    dramatically with thoose versions. sure they give you more optimization , but
    if your looking for a small kernel use anything below 3..

    Matt H.

    On Wednesday 24 September 2003 09:32 am, Scott Robert Ladd wrote:
    > I want to created the smallest, fastest kernel that supports all the
    > necessary features of a given system.
    > Obviously, the answer is very system dependent, requiring a keen
    > knowledge of the relationships between hardware and Linux components.
    > Unless I'm missing something (always a possibility), the kernel
    > configurations do not provide a clear idea of component size. In other
    > words, if I include "burfulgunk port support" in my kernel build, I'd
    > like to have a rough idea of the component's size. I might not need to
    > support the "burfulgunk", especially if it's a large component (for,
    > say, a legacy port.)
    > I'm well aware that code sizes differ between platforms; I'm looking for
    > general information, as a guideline to generating a small kernel.
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