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    SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test5-mm4
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    On Monday 22 September 2003 13:17, Alistair J Strachan wrote:
    > -mm4 won't mount my ext3 root device whereas -mm3 will. Presumably this is
    > some byproduct of the dev_t patches.

    I don't think this has to do with ext3, since my root xfs partition can't be
    mounted either.

    > VFS: Cannot open root device "302" or hda2.
    > Please append correct "root=" boot option.
    > Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on hda2.

    same over here, except replace hda2 with sda3 and (302 with 803 of couse).

    > One possible explanation is that I have devfs compiled into my kernel. I do
    > not, however, have it automatically mounting on boot. It overlays /dev
    > (which is populated with original style device nodes) after INIT has
    > loaded.

    I disabled mount at root and created some device nodes, but it still doesn't
    work, befor that I had pure devfs. Reading the config help for devfs says
    it's obsoleted, and stripped down to a "bare minimum to not break anyting".
    Does that "bare minimum" include hard disks?

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