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SubjectRe: call_usermodehelper does not report exit status?
Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> Omen Wild <Omen.Wild@Dartmouth.EDU> wrote:
> >
> > I found the call_usermodehelper function and
> > call it with the wait flag set, but I cannot get a non-zero return
> > status of the program to propagate into the kernel.
> This might fix it.

I think you missed the why behind the comment just above your first change.

/* We don't have a SIGCHLD signal handler, so this
* always returns -ECHILD, but the important thing is
* that it blocks. */
- sys_wait4(pid, NULL, 0, NULL);
+ sys_wait4(pid, &sub_info->retval, 0, NULL);

The exit code notices that there is no signal handler for SIGCHILD and
does a fast exit, then we notice when woken up the child no longer exists.

Rusty discovered this back in June when we were trying to fix a checker
error on the wait call, and decided that at the time no one was using the
return value, hence the simpler fix.|src/|src/kernel|related/kernel/kmod.c

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