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    SubjectRe: Fix for wrong OOM killer trigger?
    On Sat, 20 Sep 2003 13:22:42 BST, Bernd Schmidt said:

    > Thank you for demonstrating exactly _why_ closed source software is bad.
    > Your posts clearly show that with a closed-source solution, you put
    > yourself at the mercy of a single vendor, and have to put up with whatever
    > demands and threats he feels like making.

    Larry has on several occasions posted explaining why at the current time, he
    has to make the difficult choice between keeping it closed source and actually
    paying his programmers.

    The open-source zealots are not going to make any friends by beating up on
    people who aren't in a position to do anything. You write Larry a big enough
    check, it'll be open-source by Wednesday. The only problem here is that nobody
    is writing Larry a check...

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