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SubjectRe: bandwidth for (good news)
Andrea Arcangeli <> writes:

>> They are Cisco configuration, it won't do you much good. All the traffic

>I don't trust anything but the sourcecode I can read, so please try
>again with linux.

Andrea, you have no clue at all. Please stop this. You might be
terrific at VM and linux kernel internals but you suck at network
topology and serious internet traffic routing.

You want to try rate limiting a DDoS attack from the wrong side of a
small pipe. You can't do this. Not with Linux, with BSD, with a C64 or
a Cisco.

People have been trying this on the internet since 1995 and know what
they're talking about. This is not a case of "I have no clue, so I
didn't know that it was impossible and I did it". There are people out
there that got Ph.D.'s for proving that it's impossible to do what you
suggest and other people that got rich building devices that can do
this (from the right end of the pipe).


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