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SubjectRe: md: bug in file md.c, line 1440 (2.4.22)
On Saturday August 30, wrote:
> Heya :-)
> Having a funny showstopper problem here with md, the autostart fails
> miserably with "md: bug in file md.c, line 1440"
> Here's the story;
and a sad one it is...

> md: **********************************
> md: **********************************
> md5: <hda9> array superblock:
> md: SB: (V:0.90.0) ID:<80012e77.b449af86.6bccffae.ddda9474> CT:3e4caa02
> md: L1 S24394560 ND:-22 RD:2 md5 LO:0 CS:32768
> md: UT:3f50117d ST:1 AD:2 WD:2 FD:-24 SD:0 CSUM:a62f39ca E:0000006d
> D 0: DISK<N:0,hdc9(22,9),R:0,S:6>
> D 1: DISK<N:1,hda9(3,9),R:1,S:6>
> D 2: DISK<N:2,[dev 00:00](0,0),R:2,S:9>
> D 3: DISK<N:0,[dev 00:00](0,0),R:0,S:9>
> D 4: DISK<N:0,[dev 00:00](0,0),R:0,S:9>

Your problem is that these extra slots (N:0) are flagged as failed
(S:9) and this confuses md.c.

If you get mdadm 1.3.0 and apply the three patches that can be found

and then stop the array and use:
mdadm --assemble --update=summaries /dev/md5 /dev/sda9 /dev/sdc9

then it should fix things up for you.
You will need to do a similar thing for all of the arrays.
This will be difficult for md2 as it is 'root'. You will need to boot
a rescue disc to fix this one.

I have not idea how it got the failed flag.

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