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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Allow sysrq() via /proc/sys/kernel/magickey
On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 07:42:57PM +0000, Linux Kernel wrote:
> ChangeSet 1.1114, 2003/08/25 16:42:57-03:00,
> [PATCH] Allow sysrq() via /proc/sys/kernel/magickey
> Hi Marcelo,
> sysrq() is a good thing to debug things, but unfortunately you need to have
> physical access to the keyboard. My company for instance maintains tons of
> remote machines and sometimes we need to do sysrq() too, but it's not
> possible to do so the remote way.
> Attached patch enables emulation of the Magic SysRq key (Alt-SysRq-key) via
> the /proc interface. Just echo the desired character into the file and there
> you go.
> Patch from Randy Dunlap!
> It's in -wolk for a long time and also in some other kernel tree forks.
> 2.5/2.6 has almost the same (/proc/sysrq-trigger)

So why not make this compatible with existing behaviour, and use the
same name ? Seems this is deviating between 2.4 / 2.6 for no good reason.


Dave Jones
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