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SubjectRE: [PATCH 2.6.x] additional kernel event notifications

"Andrew Morton" <> wrote:
> Have you considered interfacing vtune userspace
> to oprofilefs and enhancing oprofilefs to meet
> vtune requirements, thus removing the need for
> the vtune kernel module, and its device node
> and ioctl interface?

We have considered the option of using Oprofile's mechanisms for VTune,
but Oprofile and VTune do different things in different ways. For
both tools capture performance data, but Oprofile was designed with
aggregation in mind whereas VTune was designed to collect all the data
and then post-process it.

We are open to putting the VTune driver into the kernel source tree.
However, is consolidation of the performance tools a requirement for
getting the four additional event notifications into the kernel?

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