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    SubjectRe: Aliasing physical memory using virtual memory (from a d
    Petr Vandrovec wrote:

    > On 17 Sep 03 at 19:36, Stevie-O wrote:
    >>My thinking is this: I want to use __get_free_pages(1) 80 times to get the
    >>160 pages, then passed those 80 pieces to the card (it's known the card can
    >>handle requests with that many pieces). Then I want to create a *virtually*
    >>contiguous 160-page mapping, so the postprocessing code in the driver can
    >>view the 80 2-page sub-buffers as one big consecutive 160-page buffer.
    >>Doing this would (a) make for more efficient use of memory, and (b) leave
    >>the larger piles of contiguous pages to the drivers of cards that actually
    >>require them.
    > If you'll use __get_free_pages(0) 160 times, you should be able to use
    > vmap() in 2.[456].x.
    Actually, I specified __get_free_pages(1) 80 times because I don't know if the
    card's SG can actually support 160 separate buffers (I'm certain it can do at
    least 80 though).

    I grepped my 2.4 kernel source for 'vmap' and the only results that seemed
    meaningful were vmap_pte_range or vmap_pmd_range in mips/mm/umap.c and
    mips64/mm/umap.c. Is this documented somewhere? I suffer from the 'i'm new at
    this, but this looks possible' syndrome. I don't actually know how anything is

    Btw, am I right about kmalloc(35000) effectively grabbing 64K?

    > I must say that I do not understand why it checks for
    > size > (max_mapnr << PAGE_SHIFT) in 2.4.x, or for count > num_physpages
    > in 2.6.x (as there is nothing wrong with mapping same page several
    > thousand times, or is it bad? with 32MB host you have plenty of
    > unused VA space in the kernel...), but it should not hurt you as you
    > need distinct physical pages.
    > On other side, maybe that using SG even for driver operations is not
    > that complicated. Do not forget that on bigmem boxes you have only
    > 128MB area for vmalloc/vmap/ioremap, so you can quickly find that
    > there is not 640KB continuous area available.

    - Stevie-O

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