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SubjectRe: atyfb still broken on 2.4.23-pre4 (on sparc64)

> Same problem for me :)
> I did post the driver on the Linux-fbdev and LinuxPPC mailinglists.
> Replies: 0. I also asked you, you didn't have time, no problem, but again
> no test. It gets merged, people start testing...

I know the problem, but I'm opposed to doing that in the middle
of a stable release.

> I agree the stable series should have a stable driver, I proposed that
> Marcelo would merge the driver, I would aggressively investigate problems,
> and in case of serious trouble a revert.

Ok, but then, we need to make sure it works. Most people won't test
before 2.4.23 is final and released by distros and at this point it
will be too late.

> > Why don't you push it to 2.6 first then backport to 2.4 ? That would
> > be better imho...
> It's a possibility, Alexander Kern is porting the code to 2.6. But
> please wait a few days, it's quite likely things will be fixed and stable then.

Let's see...


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