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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Clean up MAX_NR_NODES/NUMNODES/etc. [5/5]
    On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 05:37:47PM -0700, Matthew Dobson wrote:
    > Matthew Dobson wrote:
    > >Ok, I made an attempt to clean up this mess quite a while ago (2.5.47),
    > >but that patch is utterly useless now. At Martin's urging I've created
    > >a new series of patches to resolve this.
    > >
    > >01 - Make sure MAX_NUMNODES is defined in one and only one place. Remove
    > >superfluous definitions. Instead of defining MAX_NUMNODES in
    > >asm/numnodes.h, we define NODES_SHIFT there. Then in linux/mmzone.h we
    > >turn that NODES_SHIFT value into MAX_NUMNODES.
    > >
    > >02 - Remove MAX_NR_NODES. This value is only used in a couple of
    > >places, and it's incorrectly used in all those places as far as I can
    > >tell. Replace with MAX_NUMNODES. Create MAX_NODES_SHIFT and use this
    > >value to check NODES_SHIFT is appropriate. A possible future patch
    > >should make MAX_NODES_SHIFT vary based on 32 vs. 64 bit archs.
    > >
    > >03 - Fix up the sh arch. sh defined NR_NODES, change sh to use standard
    > >MAX_NUMNODES instead.
    > >
    > >04 - Fix up the arm arch. This needs to be reviewed. Relatively
    > >straightforward replacement of NR_NODES with standard MAX_NUMNODES.
    > >
    > >05 - Fix up the ia64 arch. This *definitely* needs to be reviewed. This
    > >code made my head hurt. I think I may have gotten it right. Totally
    > >untested.

    Can you send me a patch that contains everything (or just the generic
    code plus the ia64 stuff)? The stuff you posted looks good, and I'd
    like to test ia64, but I have to merge your patch into the latest
    discontig stuff I've been working on to do so.

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