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    SubjectRe: 2.7 block ramblings (was Re: DMA for ide-scsi?)
    On Sul, 2003-09-14 at 12:15, Justin Cormack wrote:
    > LABEL= is so broken that I immediately remove it from all my redhat
    > systems. It is not unique at all. As soon as you plug another system
    > disk into your system at boot time all hell breaks loose. At least it
    > could have a random number in it or something.

    You can use UUID's for labels too if you prefer. I normally write a
    host string into my labels. What I actually want is mount by label to
    develop an rpc service so I can mount by label and if the disk is in
    another box NFS it 8)

    > If you need to know your bootdisk (why?) why not just get the bootloader
    > to tell you?

    The bootloader doesn't know. It has a bios concept of the boot device
    which is really hard if at all possible to translate without things like

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