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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH][IDE] update qd65xx driver
On Saturday 13 of September 2003 01:09, wrote:
> From Fri Sep 12 00:44:48 2003
> > That reminds me, did I ever send you this?
> >
> > Andries
> No, only similar patch for hpt366.c.
> I think the (almost) correct scheme is following ...
> Yes, larger changes are possible - and in fact I have a directory
> full of IDE stuff, polishing, cleanup, non-urgent.

Great! Please push'em.

> I sent this mainly because the hpt366.c analog was needed to
> prevent filesystem corruption (on my own system). Similarly,
> I imagine this patch is needed to prevent filesystem corruption -
> no need to wait until someone actually reports a corrupted filesystem.
> Patches that allow people to set lower PIO modes than the max
> may be nice, but are less urgent than preventing modes higher
> than the max.

Eeeh... please re-read my mail.

As stated before you got corruption with hpt366.c because it was calling
hpt3xx_tune_drive() *internally* with pio argument equal to 5 instead of 255.

qd65xx.c is not calling qd*_tune_drive() internally et all -> no possibility
of corruption unless user *manually* sets mode higher than supported.


> Andries
> > - pio = ide_get_best_pio_mode(drive, pio, 255, &d);
> > + pio = ide_get_best_pio_mode(drive, 255, pio, &d);

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