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SubjectRe: 2.6.0: module char_10_135

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Ricky Beam wrote:

> On Sat, 30 Aug 2003, Russell Whitaker wrote:
> >module-init-tools 0.9.13-pre 2
> >
> >That was the latest version I could find on Aug 3rd. Please let me know
> >if there is a later version I should try.
> Check the order of calls during boot. In most cases, the rtc will be
> required before modules are setup -- /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe isn't
> set yet.

**update** Had written the following and then updated to 2.6.0-test4-bk8
and found the module_char_10_135 problem has gone away.

Had changed "Enhanced Real Time Clock" from module to built-in so next
itteration will change it back and check it out. In the meanwhile here's
a recap of what I've done:

Started with a Slackware 9.0 installation, booting kernel 2.4.xx.
Custom kernel, these (amoung others) are modules: lp, floppy, and
"Enhanced Real Time Clock". Have this line in fstab so can mount floppy
as user:
/dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,user

Everything works as expected. Then kernel-2.6 came out. So I "cp /vmlinuz
/vmlinuz.4", changed lilo's first entry to lin6, adding 2nd entry lin4,
installed lilo, edited lilo.config to change the 2nd vmlinuz to vmlinuz.4
and recycled lilo.

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