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SubjectRE: People, not GPL [was: Re: Driver Model]

Combined responses.

> No the GPL_ONLY stuff is an attempt to document that there is no
> conceivable
> way that using a given symbol does not create a derived work.


> > The GPL puts no restrictions on use. The GPL_ONLY stuff does.

> No it doesn't. It allows people to track whether you get support or not.
> It prevents nothing.

So long as it's not an attempt to use the GPL license as a way to restrict
use, there's no problem. There is no license restriction or enforcement
scheme here that one could possibly circumvent because the GPL_ONLY stuff is
not a license enforcement scheme. It cannot be a license enforcement scheme
because there are no license requirements that kick in upon any act other
than distribution.

The GPL_ONLY stuff does in fact restrict use. However, this is a
restriction anyone is free to remove or circumvent if it bothers them. This
isn't a dishonorable act because nobody intended this mechanism to restrict
use -- I hope.


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