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    SubjectRe: Audio skipping with alsa
    At 10 Sep 2003 14:16:28 -0400,
    Chris Meadors wrote:
    > I'll agree that larger buffers are not the answer. I sometimes mess
    > with live audio effects. That is recording some audio, processing it in
    > some way, and then playing it back. If the buffer is too large, a
    > noticeable delay would be introduced. Takashi and Jaroslav I'm pretty
    > sure know the problem this causes with musicians, who need to hear what
    > they played or sang in a very short period of time, or it messes with
    > the brain.

    to handle the data in a short period can be never guaranteed if the
    process runs without the real-time priority.
    the simple and only solution is to run such an application with
    RT scheduling, IMO.

    (the playback of xmms is a slightly different problem because it's
    not designed (purposed) as a real-time process.)

    Takashi Iwai <> SuSE Linux AG -
    ALSA Developer ALSA Project -
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