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SubjectRe: unexpected IRQ trap at vector a0
Thank you guys for problem-pinning-down answers!

First I've tried

the kernel crashed right at the beginning of boot with smth like

oops: 0000[#1]

EOP is at acpi_pci_register_driver + 0x30/0x5c

Call trace: acpiphp_glue_init+0x1b/0x31

But then,,,,

> > unexpected IRQ trap at vector a0
> 9: 100000 0 XT-PIC acpi
> Cute, the interrupt storm monitor caught it dead =) Can you verify whether
> booting with the kernel parameter noirqdebug 'fixes' things? Also boot
> with the 'debug' kernel parameter as it will print out things like what is
> at vector a0.

Uau - noirqdebug seems to "fix" the problem - I don't get complains any
more at least - will research other weirdness of system behaviour for
now with -test3 kernel!

Thank you!

> Thanks,
> Zwane
Thank you!

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