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SubjectError in raid1 device

I've just see this today on a machine running 2.6.0-test2-bk7:
Aug 9 16:48:03 abydos kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Aug 9 16:48:03 abydos kernel: md1: rw=0, want=4000855256, limit=5863424

Aproximatively 10 times :-/
The result is awful:
s--xrws--- 28436 3902563852 2186484323 4286391822 Jan 10 2015 uptime

(yes, uptime is a socket :-/)

Several program seems to be corrupted in /usr/bin (maybe elsewhere also..)

The file system is ext3 and md1 is a raid1 array mounted on /usr.
/dev/md/1 2,8G 2,3G 329M 88% /usr
The IDE controler is an Intel on a P4P800.
00:1f.1 IDE interface: Intel Corp.: Unknown device 24db (rev 02)

I have just rebooted on test3, I have the same output at boot time, the
file system seems to be "definitively corrupted".

Julien Danjou

· <> ·
· GnuPG: 9A0D 5FD9 EB42 22F6 8974 C95C A462 B51E C2FE E5CD ·
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