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SubjectRe: NULL. Again.
According to Sean Neakums:
>According to Chip Salzenberg:
>>According to Jamie Lokier:
>>> printf ("%p", NULL);
>>> printf ("%p", 0);
>> Please, *please*, _no_one_else_ argue about NULL/zero/false
>> etc. until after reading this:
>> ===[[ ]]===
> I had thought that the need for writing NULL [...]

Jeepers, Sean! Why the frell are you subjecting the list to
speculation, when the facts are right there in a URL that you
amazingly enough *quoted* in your speculation-laden message?
Chip Salzenberg - a.k.a. - <>
"I wanted to play hopscotch with the impenetrable mystery of existence,
but he stepped in a wormhole and had to go in early." // MST3K
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