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Subjectoops & panic on usb-storage umount with 2.6.0-test3

After the wonderful ride that was 2.6.0-test2, I decided to try test3.
test2 was perfect except for touchpad and bad latency performance. Playing
midi files finally worked!

test3 however is another matter. I can't access my sound device, even though
the modules seem to load fine and the card seems to be initialized. This mail
is not about that though.

After downloading files from my camera, I got an oops when I switched it off
and then unmounted it. The oops was followed by a kernel panic and is
completely reproducible. Here's the recipe:
- boot
- login as root
- modprobe uhci-hcd (it's not loaded automagically although the module for my
pcmcia network card is)
-> kernel finds USB ports
- switch on connected camera
-> kernel finds camera and assigns device
- mount /dev/sda1
-> files are visible
- switch off camera
-> kernel notes that usb device is switched off
- umount /dev/sda1
-> oops & panic

I've attached the /var/log/messages from boot to panic and also the ksymoops
output. /proc/ksym was not present and I do not know how to make it appear,
so the ksymoops output is not perfect.

Best regards, Jos van den Oever
PS I'm not on the list, so for a relatively quick reply please CC me.

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