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Subject[PATCH] fix trident.c lockup on module load 2.4.22-rc1
Hi Marcelo, 

This patch fixes a kernel lockup with 2.4.22-rc1 when the trident.c
driver is loaded and the driver attempts to initialize the card. The
problem is that in ali_ac97_get() we lock the card->lock spinlock, but
never release it on the good path, only on the error path. This patch
adds the missing spin_unlock_irqrestore().

Patch is against 2.4.22-rc1-cvs, tested and works, and fixes a pretty
severe lockup bug. Please apply.


Index: drivers/sound/trident.c
RCS file: /home/cvs/linux-2.4/drivers/sound/trident.c,v
retrieving revision 1.29
diff -u -r1.29 trident.c
--- drivers/sound/trident.c 2 Jul 2003 21:42:15 -0000 1.29
+++ drivers/sound/trident.c 9 Aug 2003 19:54:58 -0000
@@ -3014,6 +3014,8 @@

data = inl(TRID_REG(card, address));
+ spin_unlock_irqrestore(&card->lock, flags);

return ((u16) (data >> 16));
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