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SubjectBind Mount Extensions 0.03 for 2.4/2.6

Bind Mount Extensions 0.03 for 2.4/2.6

this should complete the RO aspects of --bind mounts,
except for update_atime() and the Intermezzo stuff,
(which I will add later on, if required ...), for
linux 2.4.22-rc2 and 2.6.0-test3 ...

it should now handle the following cases as expected:

- open (read/write/trunc), create
- link, symlink, unlink
- mknod (reg/block/char/fifo), mkfifo
- mkdir, rmdir
- (f)chown, (f)chmod, utimes
- ioctl (gen/ext2/ext3/reiser)
- access, truncate

please could you have a look at the patches, and
give some response what would be required to get
this stuff into mainline ... TIA

(let me know if you would like to receive them
in another form, e.g. not as attachment ;)

regarding update_atime(), I didn't do that one,
because I (finally) read your mail about --bind
extensions and do not understand why you would
like to propagate vfsmount _and_ dentry to the
update_atime() function.


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