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Subject[Bug 1059] New: 3c905B Driver Doesn't work in 2.6.0_test2

Summary: 3c905B Driver Doesn't work in 2.6.0_test2
Kernel Version: 2.6.0_test2
Status: NEW
Severity: normal

Distribution: Gentoo
Hardware Environment: Desktop Athlon-XP 2100+
Software Environment:
Problem Description:
dmesg displays my 3com 3c905B in dmesg. Upon booting the OS and trying
unsuccessfully to get a DHCP address, a tried a static IP without any luck also.
This computer has ran 2.4.20 and .21 alright with this particular driver. I'm
not sure how t3reproduce:
1. Get a 3C905B Network Card
2. Install 2.6.0_test2
a. Doesn't matter if driver is a module or in the kernel
3. Assign and IP or try using DHCP
4. Failure on pings to local computers on the LAN and a failure to get an IP

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