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SubjectRe: reiserfs4
Tomas Szepe wrote:

>>>>Why do people ever want a "converter"?
>>>That's been discussed before.
>>>Because people don't have the resources (hard disk space, tape drives,
>>>money) to backup their data, and might still be interested in testing a
>>>new filesystem. They might be willing to take a risk with the new fs
>>>and converter. Amazing as it may sound, people do that. I am such a
>>>tester, and I'd find a converter to be a useful tool. But since the
>>>previous discussion on the subject concluded it'd be really hard to
>>>impossible to write one, I guess I'll have to settle for new hard drive(s).
>>This is no longer true.
>>There is sort of "universal" fs convertor for linux that can convert almost
>>any fs to almost any other fs.
>>The only requirement seems to be that both fs types should have read/write support in Linux.
>I'm afraid I cannot recommend using this tool.
>A test conversion from reiserfs to ext3 (inside a vmware machine)
>screwed up the data real horrorshow: directory structure seems
>ok but file contents are apparently shifted.
Are you sure that vmware does not affect the result?


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