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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: Euro-English
Maciej Soltysiak writes:
> > OTH you might be right for european countries, I always think eg
> > Scandinavian countries are far superior in english because they see,
> > watch everything in english on TV, etc ... and I see it on myself, if I
> > wouldn't have started watching movies in english and reading books in
> > english I think I would be the same "no inglisch heare" ignorant like a
> > lot of my friends in Austria
> And that is the conclusion I think. Kids should be encouraged to listen,
> watch, read in english. Discouraged to watch dubbed movies. My 6 years old
> neice is totally transparent to languages. If she hears something in
> english, that's fine, she even repeats the words and frases. If she hears
> in japanesse (i showed her anime) that's fine also. Hmm. I am no
> child-schrink-wannabe but, if we just encourage kids to be open to every
> language, they will just click to the ones they fancy.

In Japan they actually have children programs on TV where they speak
(American) English and explain English words to Japanese
children. They also sing English songs. I think that is a good idea
especially considering the difficulties that Japanese have with
English as compared to Europeans whose languages mostly have the same origin.
If we had such programs in Germany it would probably improve the
overall knowledge of English and the reporters on TV would finally be
able to pronounce Tomb Raider :).
The younger you are the better you are able to learn (not only a
language), so you should start early and if you have fun while
learning that is even better.


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