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SubjectRe: PROBLEM : Strange logs while using Scroll-Lock key
On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 12:48:00PM -0400, Dheeraj wrote:
> 1) I got these strange logs while i was using the console and tried to remap
> my caplock key to control key using loadkeys.

You tell us what you attempted to do, but not what you did.

I did

% dumpkeys | head -1
keymaps 0-15
% loadkeys
keymaps 0-15
keycode 58 = Control

and lo! my capslock key was turned into a control key.

But afterwards all is well - even better than before: no more CapsLock.
No problems with anything I tried.

So, if you can reproduce a buggy situation, please describe the steps.


[For people trying this: do not simplify the above into
% loadkeys
keycode 58 = Control
for this turns the CapsLock on the plain map into a control key,
so that when this key is down the control map is used, and then
the key up event will be a CapsLock up.
That is why it is necessary to tell loadkeys to change the entry
in all existing keymaps simultaneously.
This holds for all modifier keys.]

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