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Subjectkernel 2.5: mlock broken?
Hi folks,

By testing 2.6.0-test2, I detected that the glibc-function mlock(),
provided by /sys/mlock.h seems to be a deadlock in some cases on 2.5

If you want to lock more memory than physical RAM could be freed, the
mlock() does not return with an errorcode as under 2.4.21 does.
The system hangs around. This problem was catched under x86 and s390
architecture by using Debian distribution (woody and unstable) and
others with the well known memtest program written by Charles Cazabon
from (ver. 2.93.1).

IMHO the problem is effected in kernel mm/mlock.c, ev. in do_mlock(),
because glibc was not changed between different kernelversions. The
glibc version was 2.3.1-17

Hope it helps.

Bye Andreas

PS.:If you think this report is not related to this list, please contact
me per private email.
PPS.: If you need further information, contact me too.

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