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SubjectRe: Ingo Molnar and Con Kolivas 2.6 scheduler patches
On Thursday 07 August 2003 21:51, Rob Landley wrote:
> Uh-huh.
> So with SCHED_SOFTRR, if the system gets heavily loaded enough later on
> then the SOFTRR tasks can get demoted and start skipping.

No. A SOFTRR task only becomes SCHED_NORMAL if the total load of *realtime*
tasks exceeds a threshold.

> I fail to see how this is an improvement on Con's "carpet bomb the problem
> with heuristics out the wazoo" approach? ... (I like heuristcs. They're
> like Duct Tape. I like Duct Tape.)

Danger, danger! Man with duct tape loose in kernel! Seal off the bulwarks
and flood the lower compartments!



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