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SubjectRe: NPTL v userland v LT (RH9+custom kernel problem)
On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 22:45:45 PDT, Frank Cusack said:

> Interesting. Something these have in common is that they all use
> Berkeley db4 (up2date by virtue of using rpm). I don't understand why
> nss_ldap or pam_ldap would, but it's one of the sources in the srpm.

ISTR that db4 was buggy in its handling of O_DIRECT - the changed 2.6
semantics gave it indigestion - from the RedHat RPM's changelog:

* Tue Jun 24 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 4.1.25-4

- hack out O_DIRECT support in db4 for now.

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