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SubjectRe: 2.6: More about interactivity
Felipe Alfaro Solana said:
> With X reniced at +0, the system feels not as smooth as 2.6.0-test2-mm2,
> but at least there are no sound skips. However, to gain on smoothness, I
> have chosen to renice X to -20. Renicing X to -20 makes Juk skip like
> crazy simply by dragging a window over the screen. Also, with X at -20,
> opening a long Bookmarks Konqueror menu also causes sound skips (even
> with XMMS). By now, I'm sticking at +0, but I really miss those times
> when I was running O10int and the desktop was as smooth as silk.

Some comments:
Renicing X at -20 is silly. It is normal that xmms skips when
X is reniced because X gets the cpu time not xmms.
Also a normal user doesn't have access to nice values below
zero, so the scheduler should work for normal systems not
for those in which process foo is reniced at -bar priority.


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