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Subject2.6 bug: kconfig implementation doesn't match the spec
Hi Roman,

the implementation of the !-operator doesn't match the spec in

kconfig-language.txt says:

<-- snip -->

'!' <expr> (5)
(5) Returns the result of (2-/expr/).
An expression can have a value of 'n', 'm' or 'y' (or 0, 1, 2
respectively for calculations). A menu entry becomes visible when it's
expression evaluates to 'm' or 'y'.

<-- snip -->

The current implementation evaluates !m to 0 instead of 1.

An example:

config FOO
default m

config BAR
default y if !FOO
default n

According to the kconfig spec BAR should be y, but the implementation in
2.6.0-mm5 sets BAR to n.

The semantics of the implemention seems to be a bit less surprising
than the semantics of the spec.



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