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SubjectRe: TI yenta-alikes (was: ToPIC specific init for yenta_socket)
On Iau, 2003-08-07 at 10:02, Russell King wrote:
> doing is *wrong*. The only people who know whether the pin has been
> wired for INTA or IRQ3 are the _designers_ of the hardware, not the
> Linux kernel.

That assumes the yenta controller isnt hotplugged.

> Currently, the Linux kernel assumes a "greater than designers" approach
> to fiddling with the registers which control the function of these pins,
> and so far I've seen:
> - changing the mode from serial PCI interrupts to parallel PCI interrupts
> causes the machine to lock hard (since some cardbus controllers use the
> same physical pins for both functions.)

Basically we got burned by changing the IRQMUX register rather than just
using it as an information source.

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