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Subject[OT] Re: Euro-English
> > And people who know english and bad english tend to use bad english.
> As you have just done ;)
> I also disagree. Many in Europe speak English much better
> than those born to it.
Yes, but try going skiing to the Alps. Checkout French, Austrian, Italian
side glaciers. And try to get any response more correct than "we pipl buys
tickets, ski lift not works", and so on.

Ask "do you speak english?", and get "no".

Maybe I am exagerating, but decent english was hard to find during my
trips. I was better off using german.

When I once heard a Swiss and an Italian agree that bad english
rules I felt daunted. I am certainly no top-flight english speaker, but
that amazed me. I also realize that in around universities people tend to
know english better. But my view on using english to talk to people i meet
is that I'd better use it

My opinions are my hamster's opinions, so blame him as the source of all
evil and take all of this with a grain of salt :-)

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