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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: Euro-English
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Dick Streefland wrote:

> Maciej Soltysiak <> wrote:
> | Yes, but try going skiing to the Alps. Checkout French, Austrian,
> | side glaciers. And try to get any response more correct than "we
pipl buys
> | tickets, ski lift not works", and so on.
> It depends on the part of Europe. Not incidentally, in the countries
> you mention, all foreign content shown on televison and in movie
> theaters is dubbed. In other countries such as the Scandinavian
> countries, The Netherlands and Belgium, almost everything is
> sub-titled. I think there is a direct relation between dubbing and the
> lack of English language skills.

er, thats a no. Just look into Japan, they have subbed movies, they have
dual channel movies on TV (english/japanese) and they really struggle
and fight with even basic english. why? because it is too different to
their own language ...

OTH you might be right for european countries, I always think eg
Scandinavian countries are far superior in english because they see,
watch everything in english on TV, etc ... and I see it on myself, if I
wouldn't have started watching movies in english and reading books in
english I think I would be the same "no inglisch heare" ignorant like a
lot of my friends in Austria are ... adding a second thought to
Japanese, they all WANT to learn japanese desperatly ... its just
horrible difficult for them, weather a lot of austrians are not even
interested in doing so ... "english? why? I don't need it ..." ...
ignorants ...

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