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Subject[ANNOUNCE] gmodconfig 0.4 is released
gmodconfig is a tool to manage Linux kernel modules. It features
a GNOME graphic interface which enables users to:
- configure kernel modules parameters in their native language
and save settings to /etc/modules.conf
- access modules informations (author, license, link to website)
- check for new modules versions
- download, build and install modules packaged for DKMS

Some of this data is not found in modinfo's output and has to
be supplied to gmodconfig in XML files. A companion tool to
gmodconfig called gmodconfigedit can help module authors create
and update those XML files.

For details please visit:

This tool can help inexperienced Linux users to configure modules
(as is sometimes required with consumer devices like webcams)
without having to learn about /etc/modules.conf, and install or
upgrade modules with the click of a mouse, thanks to DKMS.
Experienced users might find it helpful, too.

It still has some rough edges and I welcome feedback from the
community. Please Cc me your comments as I'm not subscribed to

Cyril Bortolato

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