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    SubjectRe: Interactivity improvements
    Patrick McLean <> [2003-08-07]:
    >> Another point is compilers, they tend to do a lot of disk I/O then
    >> become major CPU hogs, could we have some sort or heuristic that reduces
    >> the bonuses for sleeping on block I/O rather than other kinds of I/O
    >> (say pipes and network I/O in the case of X).

    On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 04:24:18PM +0100, Richard Curnow wrote:
    > What about compilers chewing on source files coming in over NFS rather
    > than resident on local block devices? The network waits need to be
    > broken out into NFS versus other, or UDP versus TCP or something. e.g.
    > waits due to the user not having typed anything yet, or moved the mouse,
    > are going to be on TCP connections.

    I'd be interested in whatever you come up with for this, as I use NFSS
    a lot.

    -- wli
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