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SubjectRe: Filesystem Tests

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Diego Calleja [ISO-8859-15] García wrote:

>Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 21:09:22 +0200
>From: "Diego Calleja [ISO-8859-15] García" <>
>To: Hans Reiser <>
>Subject: Re: Filesystem Tests
>El Thu, 07 Aug 2003 16:55:41 +0400 Hans Reiser <> escribió:
>> Run fsck on a 1 terabyte array while a department waits for their server
>> to come back up instead of having it back in 90 seconds and.....
>To start, some people don't need data safety.

I would postulate that the number who do need such safety are far greater
than the numbers who don't (regardles of whether they realise it or not

>It's useful as you say to show how slow is ext3 compared with ext2, between
>other things. Also, it looks that ext2 scales really well. Benchmarks are not
>there to show how fast and nice your reiser4 is compared with others
>(there's no doubt reiser4 is pretty nice BTW). People are developing other
>filesystems, you know.

Figures can be used to show whatever you want to show. Use them wisely.

(I really have no idea what this thread is about, but those statements
irked me for some reason)



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