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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] [PATCH] Framebuffer: 2nd try: client notification mecanism & PM

> > I believe solution to this is simple: always switch to kernel-owned
> > console during suspend. (swsusp does it, there's patch for S3 to do
> > the same). That way, Xfree (or qtopia or whoever) should clean up
> > after themselves and leave the console to the kernel. (See
> > kernel/power/console.c)
> I admit I quite like this solution. It would also help displaying
> something sane (blank, pattern, whatever) on screen during driver
> teardown instead of the junk left by X...

There is the case of framebuffer without VT console. Of course X can't
work except with specific patches. X shouldn't be touching the console.

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